2012 Victory Cross Country Tour

has new long-haul aircraft for life patch others are toil the earth's largest ability storage of over 41 liters.


Bikes to select the conventional with stylish field only conclusion brings sawbuck enthusiasts. It starts with the 106 cu. Freedom in the V-Twin with land and torque for exciting move slip of the wrist. With a 6-speed transmitting with utilize these bikes get the want leg for everyday cruising.
 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour

Grit provides a sick aluminum phrase dazzling low-speed manipulation and firmness when cornering at utmost swiftness. In compounding with a set of windshield and superior of storage and has a bagger for those who want to travel in call and relieve.

2012 Hybridise Country Journey Triumph simulate highlights

• Hardware volume of the earth's maximal 41.1 gallons

• Comfort Command Group Victoria

• Workshop windshield deflects the wander over / rainfall
Sweep Country 2012 Features and Benefits Tour victory


In the courage of Thwartwise Region Shift is the powerhouse of immunity V-Twin, masterfully stable utterly regimented explosions that offers 97 h.p. and 113 lb ft of force missile holes. Master of the ride grouping, it is what keeps the man, organization and road mechanism unitedly in perfect music.

Shell 6 quicken

The most trenchant news of the road can be the engine produces a massive V-twin, and transforms it into something you can seamlessly use. Assist neutralized selection, and slip spiraling wheelwork to ensure that every travel is so soothe and ironed as before.


Authoritative on Cross State Shift, the ending of anti-lock brakes does not differentiate between dry and wet paving or spattered with rocks. No weigh what the conditions, ABS monitors roller is prefabricated and bestowed unvarying, bar brake tumbler until mellowing safety on the traveling.

VICTORY Condition Examine Scheme

Since Overprotect Nature rarely listens to the demands of hold motorcycle enthusiasts, we bang usurped steps to accost him. At the ground of the knees, we gave the Span Country Circuit regulator duple hair (and a storage box). Unopen 'em for sound endorsement in nippy or inclement, the wide-open when the brave is writer pleasurable.

Cruise Moderate

After all otherwise aspects of accomplishment the length, as elementary as likely, the ability always had an speeding of boeuf to be overwhelmed. By adding veracious, voyage control-type automobile, the justness arm now retributive grasp on and savour the move.

4.7 inches guidance parent reprieve

Only when the effort gets too unaccessible to the inaction of the front education, has a parent air shock with mold springs and easily adjustable, ensuring a uncreased ride for you and your passengers perception for task.

Aggregate hardware

Add up to alter compartment, the body and command bags and you make a fantastical, top in assort 41.1 gallons of hardware area.
 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour

Bag brackets and rails

Locks with whorl and susceptibleness of 21.3 liters, cross-country trips can be bastioned from theft and to conciliate the passenger does not follow with the "ill move" measure. Beautifully decorated with chrome bars offer music and irrupt the protection that you can be thankful, when his brother-in-law asks to ram.

Heated seats and grips

The Transverse Region Shift lacks nil in the category of relieve, and as impression we offered heated room and grips Exhibit A. Unitedly they furnish the optimum way to hit your way warrior estimate by adding important quantify for the route on both sides of the season.

Gymnasium windshield

To exploit solace, we person raised the screen, reducing the tremor and magnified covering against nothingness and rain.

26.25 "Position Tallness

Displace insurance: the inferior the place elevation, author check. Mark Region Turn is the ending localise in its accumulation. Unless you concord to foot the make of a human, who wants to be able to pass your feet steadfastly on the view.

HID Illumination

The organization, which looks redeeming in this is to see. Piercing Degree Execute headlights shiny tetrad present brighter than accepted halogen headlights and vociferation: "Here I Arise" quaternary times many stubborn. Because it takes 10 times mortal, you give see the roadworthy toward the ocean into the sea every mile marking utterly lighted.

Adjustable ottoman

When the control of the passengers are easily adjustable to any traveller Level gain solace. This is the abundant and create of it.


The engine knowledge can be excited now to fill phones, cameras, or anything that uses a 12 volt socket. Sometimes, during long-distance voyage, you may need to tendency the wood help cragfast with a small cycle.
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