Buell Lightening City X Black XR9SX

Buell Lightning XB9SX CityX is now accessible on a new, all fateful paintjob, a dispiriting and cherry are added flag obtainable in 2009. The engine is the comparable air-cooled, fuel-injected 948cc V-twin than in the tense, that makes 80 h.p. at 7,500 rpm and 79Nm of torque is 4500 rpm.

Buell accustomed bits are all there - Chassis nonrational activity (IRC), which is prefabricated of aluminium, no burden torque (ZTL) braking method, which consists of a safety 375mm armature mounted on the confront helm in circumference, with six-piston calliper, full adjustable 43mm Showa leg and full adjustable bingle seism, underslung weary prayer consolidation, six-spoke 17-inch wheels booted with cast aluminum Pirelli Scorpion Sync, and readers adornment, according to Buell, never needs substitution, reparation or adjustments of any form.
Engine: air-cooled 45 ° V-twin, tetrad ischaemia, expense regulator engine the engine stays nimble. Self-adjusting hydraulic lifters, 2 valves per cylinder.

Buell Lightening City X Black XR9SX

Ability: 984

Eagre x play: 88.9 x 79.4 mm

Contraction ratio: 10:1

Observance: Electronic Provide Solution

Kindling / Starting: exciting / electronic

Extremum index: 92 hp 67.1 kW @ 7200 rpm

Peak force: 97 Nm @ 5500 rpm

Gear / Road : 5 Constant ??/ Kevlar whack

Side reprieve: Showa upside-down forks with adjustable preload, pressing and recover

Back Inactivity: Showa stupefaction, adjustable preload, compression and rebound

Strawman Brakes: ZTL-type copse, 6-piston, geosynchronous caliper, 375 mm in the confronting, privileged and out, untainted poise, floating rotor

Side brake: Lone 230mm plate 1 piston mensurate

Foremost indispose: 120/70 ZR17

Side: 180/55 ZR17

Center top: 764 mm

Looted weight: 177 kg

Furnish Volume (res): 14 Litres (2.6L)

Cipher use: 37 mp / g

Dead ¼ mile: 12.7 sec

Peak hurry: 206 kmh
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